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Sober Living - Fit for a Misfit

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

“Did that guy just share that he woke up wearing only a sombrero and speedo on the floor inn a strange place, ....?”----- overheard outside of AA meeting. Well at least I can say, "I never did that. I'll never be that bad. Poor guy, he really needs this more than me, he's in the right place. I'm not like these people, or am I?" If you have to ask yourself that question the odds are stacked in your favor, your in the right place!

From personal experience, even if you’re surrounded by people, life in active addiction can be lonelier than the dark side of the moon. A state of “conscious” unconsciousness, where getting further and further from connecting with your fellow man is beyond a goal, it’s a lifestyle for the living dead. A catacomb where dealing with yourself is so dang obnoxious that stomaching the idea of even looking another person in the eyes would make you want to want to just crawl under a rock? Sound familiar? Did you walk through the doors of sobriety looking like life hasn't exactly had you on a winning streak?

Well then you’re not alone, rather your amongst friends.

I learned very quickly that recovery, be it sober living in Georgia, the rooms of AA/NA/SMART Recovery, rehabs and the overall community become more than a refuge for recovering individuals; it’s a haven, complete with it’s own welcome wagon and theme music; but only if you allow it to be. Whichever path you find yourself headed down in an effort to get spiritually fit, two things are certain.

That it will only work if you 1)listen 2)trust the process

There’s no way around it. Sorry. I would have loved to have taken some magical pill that made me well and hit the rewind button on my old life, but these things? Ain’t gonna happen. Once your brain stops swirling from detox / addiction treatment and you can walk a straight line, you open your ears. It may sound like I’m preaching to the choir but that’s the exact point; so, grab a cup of coffee and join in cause we all know the song! It’s your own. It’s our bond. It’s the gift of recovery and the root of it. Listening to fellow voices of recovery talk and discover how much you relate to all of them is the stepping stone towards a new life, and what’s more you’ll have found a bretheren, a group of people who speak your exact same language. It’s this experience, (albeit one that my ego fought tooth and nail) that will save your life. People will identify with you and relate to you as well as shoulder some of the pain so that the weight of it can become manageable. In the blink of an eye, you might even have,…wait, what are they called? Friends!

When’s the last time you had one of those? A real one. The bizzare thoughts are no longer shuffled to the back of your mind where they gather dust and cobwebs. You can air it out! And be appreciated for your honesty! And what’s more you’ll be helping every fellow misfit living sober within hearing distance and then some. You’ll give people courage to get things off their chests and get recovery because THIS is how we help each other. Listen. Relate. Laugh till your stomach hurts! You can’t do it alone. Trust the process. It’s there for you, all you have to do is listen.

Oh and here’s one more final thought; What have you got to lose? Look at where you are, your still alive and you have a shot, a real shot at becoming who your really are, your true self. Also; see how far you’ve come. Finally don’t worry about where you’re going, we only have today, enjoy it, be in it, live it. Listen and you’ll never imagine the places you will go. That is one thing that is certain.

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