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Men's Recovery Programs - Getting Sober Is A Process Not An Event

Many misconceptions about substance abuse begin with: “How did this happen ... Was it my surroundings... The people I associate with ... Maybe I was born diff­erent ... There’s no hope, it runs in the family.”


ARCH does not claim to be able to answer all of these questions. At ARCH, it does not matter who you are, your age, where you are from, how you were raised or even what your particular substance problem is. We are here to help give the structure and support necessary to recover from the inside out! Recovery is about removing the substances and slowly, with help, finding your inner-most self and gaining comfort with who you are. Self-acceptance is a huge part of the recovery process. 


After the settling in phase, we allow each man room to grow in sobriety and find his own peace of mind. We call it spirituality. From there we begin to build a new life full of happiness, fulfillment, responsibility and productivity. The process takes time, an open mind and patience. This often seemingly magical transformation is a process, not an event.


Our long list of successful alumni come from a wide variety of family histories, living conditions, faiths and backgrounds. Each client is off­ered his own time, space, and individualized professional guidance as needed to find an inner peace within and with the world around us.


It’s a Process ... Not an Event


This "awakening" is the cornerstone to long term abstinence and an integral part of ARCH's sober living environment. Experienced staff­ along with input and reflection from the immediate peer group help determine each client’s progress, growth and room for improvement. It is not a solitary process. Long term recovery takes a willingness to admit and identify our underlying challenges; with time, eff­ort and the help of others we overcome existing and future obstacles that may lie in our way.

We call it learning to live life on life’s terms.