Extended Residential Programs       

Finding The Recovery Program That Best Fits The Individual

At ARCH we boldly believe people need to be presented with the truth about what we can and what we cannot do to help someone recover from substance use disorder.

ARCH's roots date back to 2011. The program was created to help end the cycle of men entering in-and-out of program after program without success. When a medication has proven itself ineffective after trials, you try something new--that's just good medicine. We feel the same approach should be used when helping someone recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. The revolving door approach to recovery is not just insane, it is very hard on the wallet and it robs you of the most valuable thing we have. And that is time!

We understand recovery from addiction of any type is difficult. The process of recovery can be long and painful. One must face realities and struggles within themselves as they unearth the layers of issues diluted by substance abuse and denial. Anyone who struggles with addiction, or is witness to it, will agree; the malady is truly cunning and baffling. Many of us have gone through long periods of sobriety or abstinence only to return to the problem, often resulting in worse episodes and consequences than before we stopped. This cycle can go on for decades. The deal is that there is a solution. However, it is not going to be easy, is going to take sometime, but it is going to be worth it!


Rather than shoehorning men into a one size fits all recovery philosophy, the goal here is for men to build a life in recovery that fits them individually. We at understand the importance of providing the best recovery options and resources available to date. This is the rationale for why our men may participate in 12-step alternative support groups like SMART Recovery in addition to 12-step support groups such as AA & NA. Our open-minded yet evidence-based approach creates a truly unique sober living alternative for those who need long-term structured support while recovering from a substance abuse disorder.​

ARCH Recovery is "where-the-misfits-fit!" We empower our clients to understand that they have a choice, a voice, an active role in their recovery and the choices they make to create the life they want and need. After all, we are all adults here and are responsibly for our actions and our recovery. We strive to help the individual objectively find a solution that works in their life.

We love and believe in the progress resulting from the 12 steps (hey, the guy writing this is a card carrying member of AA!), but we also understand there are many factors to consider when helping men recover successfully, such as: dual diagnosis, a history of chronic relapse, and those resistant to the 12-step philosophy. Our goal is to find the best way to help the men standing in front of us.  We are not reinventing the wheel, yet we are aware that many people respond differently to change than others and want them to find the best solution for each individual. Recovery is change. What we offer is a special and unique approach to recovery for the men who come to us for refuge, recovery, healing, and practicing a healthier way to live. We are the perfect setting for those who have relapsed recovery to get back on track.  The sober living environment at ARCH is not so far removed from normal daily life, and we have found that the best way to get a life of lasting and true sober happiness is to simply learn it, live it and love it...

One day at a time!

Our residential program for men offers all the necessities of a strong sober community working toward the removal of temptation through an extended real life experience resulting in a happy, productive life in recovery. The program is simple by design, asking a six month minimum commitment as a start, and twelve months for completion. We know this is enough time for recovering men to build a foundation upon which they (and the lives they touch) can start moving forward. In addition, we are a working program where men invest in their own recovery by paying their way. Real recovery happens by living in reality with all its ups and downs. ARCH simply provides a structured and supportive peer driven safety-net for those willing to make the effort.


Men's Sober Living In Georgia