Sober Living Is Good Living

A New Life In Long-Term Recovery From Alcoholism & Substance Abuse


Over the years we have had the privilege to witness countless men recover from various stages of addiction and find a new life in recovery after suffering from a malady of the body, mind and spirit. Whether we are born with it or we develop it over time, is irrelevant to the recovery process. The fact is, the quicker you take the action required  to recover from alcohol and drug addiction, the less damage that is done. This damage shows itself in health, legal problems, isolation, lack of responsibility and many other dysfunctions of daily living. We have walked hand-in-hand with many who were literally on the brink of death and have helped men in all the six of the stages of change (pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and terminations) recover, placing there addictions in remission .


It is typically easier for a young man in the early stages of a substance use disorder to turn his life around. It becomes increasingly difficult for someone in more advanced stages of substance disorders to recover after years of habitual substance abuse, but with time and committed effort to changing the way life is approached recovery is possible for anyone with the will to give it a try and listen to others who are trying to help them. 

Advanced stages of long-term substance abuse can result in many physical and mental complications. While we are not a medical facility, we can gladly assist with these issues (co-occurring disorders) through our local network of private medical and mental health professionals in Statesboro, GA. ARCH Recovery is proud and privileged to have highly experienced staff­ working at our facility to help and support men recover from their issues that are postponing a life worth living.


We provide men with a safe, zero-tolerance residential sober living environment essential for a smooth and overseen transition back into healthy and productive day to day living. Many of our alumni often choose to stay in our community and go on to graduate from one of our three local colleges: Georgia Southern University, East Georgia College, and Ogeechee Technical College. Statesboro is perfect city in Georgia for those seeking a safe, healthy, healing community to begin a new life in recovery.