Getting And Living Sober Georgia Style

 Substance Abuse Can Start With Prescription Medications


Many of our clients come to ARCH after being medically detoxed that have a history of prescription medication abuse. This type of substance abuse often evolves into addiction after years and even decades of doctor prescribed and medically accepted prescription medications. These medicines are for diagnoses ranging from ADHD and anxiety to chronic pain, depression and a multitude of other ailments. These medicines are often prescribed and taken with perfectly good intentions.


We do not try to play doctor or intervene in personal diagnoses. However, experience with addiction and time has shown us that long term use of many of today’s prescription medicines have become the problem in and of themselves. Many create, or lead to, additional problems within the individual. We often see legitimate, well intended medications leading into full blown addiction and far worse, illicit drug usage.


At ARCH's sober living environment, we patiently help men fi­nd their own path to the roots of these discomforts. Only after some substantial time of abstinence and an honest assessment of one’s self can we begin to help open doors to new ways of living. These doors to hope for life’s future and all its opportunities continue to grow throughout the remainder of our sober lives ... one day at a time.

Gradually our lives become happy, manageable and exciting.