Where The Misfits Fit

 Long-Term Recovery From Substance Use Disorders - Statesboro, Ga 


Experience shows us that individuals with this substance-use-disorders typically have a unique inner defiance to naturally accepting life’s challenges. Rather than learning to handle the increasing stresses and demands of everyday life, those suffering with this disease tend to fi­nd escape, comfort and reassurance through the use of chemicals. This can start at a very early age. Trouble typically begins to show itself as extended periods of substance use, legal troubles and anti-social behaviors associated with alcohol and drug use manifest in the lives of the individual. This disconnected inner feeling, along with any substance abuse can lead one to eventually feeling completely lost, alone and hopeless. Making the matter more complex is the fact that an active, unhealthy mind often does not see the realities of this situation. Unfortunately, the sufferer often sees the very problem as the acceptable solution.


At ARCH, we patiently help men in recovery fi­nd their own path to the roots of these discomforts. Only after some substantial time of abstinence and an honest assessment of one’s self can we begin to help open doors to new ways of living. These doors to hope for life’s future and all its opportunities continue to grow throughout the remainder of our sober lives ... one day at a time.


ARCH is the perfect all men's sober living environment (SLE) to take seemingly complex and overwhelming problems and learn to deal with them in a sober, logical and responsible way. Gradually our lives become happy, manageable and exciting again.