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Because Yesterday You Said Tomorrow...


Because Yesterday You Said Tomorrow...

Quit Searching & Start Living  

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Men's Recovery Programs In Georgia 

A Sober Living Environment By Arch Recovery


Long Term Recovery For Men

Since 2011 ARCH Recovery has delivered a higher standard for men who need a different kind of approach to living sober.

We are an exclusive six-to-twelve month transitional sober living program in Georgia. Our residential program is for motivated adult men willing to accept help and participate in living a honest, healthy, and purpose driven life.


We have expectations, standards and guiding principles here here at ARCH that make makes us somewhat of an outlier and we are proud of that. ARCH is not a flop house to escape jail, nor is it an adult-daycare for behavioral issues. We are a recovery residence for men.


Our smaller and more personal men's SLE simply offers a real world approach to living a clean and sober lifestyle. We have a long list of sober & successful alumni with "multiple years of continuous sobriety" we can put you in contact with upon requested.

For more information call us confidentially at 912.678.4642

Our Residential Program For Men Includes:

  • 6 to 12 month length of stay               
  • Daily support group meetings                           (AA/NA/SMART Recovery)
  • Daily peer support groups
  • Life skills & employment assistance
  • Random drug screening
  • Optional off-site private counseling through Transformations of Statesboro
  • Superior ongoing recovery support by a dedicated & seasoned recovery coach 
  • Real world sober living with a safety net
  • We hope you love dogs
  • Our Men's program is a voluntary non punitive environment
  • We are a place for men who want recovery
  • Zero tolerance for A&D possession, solicitation or use

Basic Requirements For  Program Admission:

  • Motivated to live a sober life

  • Be medically stable (physically & mentally)

  • Be willing and able to work full-time

  • Do your best, because we want you to have the best

  • Have some fun, laugh and joke around (we love a sense of humor)

  • Take 87% percent of our suggestions

  • Trust we care and are here for your best interest

  • Be willing to make a minimum six month commitment

  • The ability to carry yourself as an adult

  • No violent or sexual criminal history

  • Ability to take direction, follow them and be an Adult!!!

  • Have an Alcohol & Drug Dependence issue

Transitional Sober Living That Works

We have a saying here at ARCH, "Only the best will do."  We are committed to providing exceptional quality of care from our staff to our setting. Our residence includes everything a top-rated sober living environment would be expected to have and more, which makes an ideal recovery refuge for motivated adult men who need a second chance at life after addiction, and quite often after a relapse from a period in sobriety.


Our approach to recovery is unique compared to a traditional halfway house that is focused on recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism, because we do things just a bit different. We provide our men access to SMART Recovery -- a science and evidence-based peer driven support program in addition to the12-step support groups of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. At ARCH we are open-minded to anything that will help save someone's life. It is not about what worked for us or them, it is about what is best for the man in front of us. 

We include all of the amenities needed for a successful beginning to a happy and productive life free from the pain and devastation of substance abuse. Our recovery residents share household duties and responsibilities. This cooperation helps foster the development of self-discipline, healthy relationships, communication skills, and a sense of belonging to something bigger: a community.

We are located in beautiful and historic Statesboro, Georgia.  A city known for it's Southern charm, warm weather, friendly people, as well as long-term addiction treatment options, and sober living alternatives. Our headquarters is centrally located in one of the southeast’s most popular and renowned recovery hubs in the United States. We are community filled with anonymous people in recovery from around the globe.

We at ARCH Recovery do not have all of the answers, no one does, but we do have some. We are a private recovery residence, and we will always make time for you. Many have said that part of our uniqueness here is the unfiltered but effective approach to addiction recovery we use. Through many years of experience and hundreds of cases, we have a hunch your problems are not going to be solved in 30, 60, 90 days or less; real long-term recovery from substance abuse takes time.

If your looking for a place to get sober that feels personal and homegrown where everyone knows your name, ARCH might be the addiction program that best fits you. You should give us a call and find out what makes us such a unique sober living environment for men @ 912.678.4642